INICIO 9 Fire strips and sectorization

Fire strips and sectorization

Fire strips and sectorization are installed in order to control and stop the spread of fires.

Therefore, the standard on passive fire protection requires buildings to be divided into fire sectors. In addition, it is required that the compartmentalization of fire sectors and divisions or partitions with other buildings have a minimum fire resistance.

Why fireproof with fire stripes?

The placement of fire strips is essential to prevent damage to adjacent industrial buildings or warehouses during a fire.

This solution will prevent flames from being transferred through the part of the roof, the area most exposed to flames. For this reason, the regulation requires the construction of a firewall strip with a minimum width of one meter between adjacent warehouses.

This type of sectorization, unlike other solutions, does not offer protection to the structure. Its main objective is to stop as much as possible the rapid expansion of the fire, preventing it from penetrating through the least protected areas.

The proper design of these solutions will offer us greater security, and increase the margin for action when the fire develops.

Products used in fire strips and sectorization

A series of conditions have been defined that must be met by the meetings between these sectorizing elements, roofs and facades.

This gives rise to a family of solutions such as: fire strips on the roof, fire strips on the façade, sectorization elements in party walls, and other treatments to complement the fire resistance of compartmentalizing elements that do not reach it.

Given the multitude of existing products for the placement of fire strips and sectorization, we must know how to choose the most appropriate in each case to achieve the best results. Below, we present a list with the main products used in the construction of fire strips:

Nervometal mesh and fireproof mortar

Fibrosilicate plates / plasterboard

Rigid rock wool panels

From Berbel Porcel, we advise you to be advised by professionals to choose the best option for the sectorization and placement of fire strips.

We have our own technical office for free advice to our customers. A correct choice, adjusted to your needs, will provide you with the peace of mind and security necessary in your project.

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