INICIO 9 Fireproofing of wood

Fireproofing of wood

Fireproofing wood is an essential treatment within passive fire protection. Wood cladding or structures are increasingly used in the current construction model.

The main reasons for this are: lower cost in its manufacture, it is one of the most environmentally friendly materials, and its great capacity to insulate. Wood is one of the most used materials to achieve energy efficiency in buildings.

In addition, contrary to what many people think, the reaction to fire of this material is similar or even better than that of other materials used in construction, withstanding temperatures of 400 ºC when it is not in direct contact with the flame.

But, despite this, wood is still a high combustion material when it comes into contact with fire, therefore, we must apply a passive fire protection treatment.

Why fireproof wood in structures or coatings?

Fireproofing wood in coatings and structures allows us to use this material in any construction, providing the necessary fire resistance and greater safety.

The fireproofing of wood will allow the structure or coating to withstand high temperatures and maintain its stability for a longer period of time, varying the resistance according to the thicknesses and the product applied.

The fireproofing of wood in industrial facilities provides us with greater safety and also allows us to:

  • Offer wood the necessary protection to be used as any structural element.
  • Delay the effects of fire on the structure and allow the evacuation of the building.
  • Facilitate the work of rescue teams.
  • Protect the property housed inside the building during the fire.

Products for fireproofing wood in structures or coatings

Like other materials, wooden structural elements (slabs, beams, pillars or coatings of all kinds) have different passive fire protection systems.

It is essential to choose the appropriate solution for the fireproofing of wood, choosing among the products on the market that can be applied in each situation. Below we offer information of the most common:

Fireproof paint and varnish

Fireproof mortar based on cement (rock wool mortar)

Fireproof mortar based on gypsum (perlite vermiculite mortar)

Fibrosilicate plates / plasterboard

Rigid rock wool panels

From Berbel Porcel, we advise you to be advised by professionals to choose the best option for wood fireproofing.

We have our own technical office for free advice to our customers. A correct choice, adjusted to your needs, will provide you with the peace of mind and security necessary in your project.

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