INICIO 9 Fireproofing of metal structure

Fireproofing of metal structure

The fireproofing of metal structure is one of the solutions most commonly demanded by our customers.

Metal structures have many advantages, among which we can find: their slenderness compared to other types of structures, the possibility of executing large spans and their versatility.

On the other hand, its main drawback would be its rapid heating and a significant loss of its bearing capacity at relatively low temperatures (usually 500 ºC).

In addition, in order for metal structures to comply with current regulations on the fire resistance of building structures, it is common for additional treatment to be applied for this purpose.

Why fireproof metal structure?

The fireproofing of metal structure will allow us to guarantee that our structure remains stable for longer, from 15 to 240 minutes, varying the resistance achieved according to the product applied and thicknesses specified in its official test.

Thanks to this extra time slot that gives us the fireproofing of the metal structure of a building, in case of fire, we achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide structural stability during the evacuation of people.
  • Allow sufficient time for the arrival and action of emergency services.
  • Save the greatest amount of industrial goods and equipment.
  • Minimize damage caused by fire.

Products used to fireproof metal structure

Over time, various solutions and products have been developed for the fireproofing of metal structure.

Each of these solutions responds to different needs. For this reason, it is important that we know the multiple possible solutions and their characteristics, thus choosing the most appropriate for each project.

Currently, the most used products to fireproof metal structure are:

Fireproof mortar based on gypsum (perlite vermiculite mortar)

Fireproof mortar based on cement (rock wool mortar)

Intumescent paint

Fibrosilicate plates / plasterboard

Rigid rock wool panel

From Berbel Porcel, we advise you to be advised by professionals to choose the best option for fireproofing of metal structure.

We have our own technical office for free advice to our customers. A correct choice, adjusted to your needs, will provide you with the peace of mind and security necessary in your project.

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