INICIO 9 Sealing of installation steps

Sealing of installation steps

The sealing of passages of facilities prevents and limits the spread of fire in fires, so the regulations require the compartmentalization of buildings in fire sectors. The enclosures that delimit these sectors must comply with the fire resistance required by the regulations.

This resistance against flames required of fire compartmentalization elements must also be offered in less accessible spaces such as false ceilings or air chambers.

In addition, these elements will be crossed, among others, by pipes, cables or ventilation ducts, since currently the installations of the buildings tend to be increasingly numerous and complex.

Why apply installation step sealing?

The steps of the installations, through the compartmentalization elements, can favor the spread of flames or smoke, favoring the extension of the fire and aggravating its effects.

The sealing of installation passages is one of the most effective and important passive fire protection measures to prevent the spread and development of fire.

The sectorization elements must be correctly treated and sealed with solutions that offer fire resistance and that allow to delay the deterioration time of the entire structural set. The objectives of applying the sealing of installation steps are:

  • Hinder the spread of fire to other rooms.
  • Avoid as much damage as possible to adjacent facilities.
  • Offer greater scope for the arrival of emergency services.
  • Save industrial goods and equipment, as well as a safe evacuation of people.

Products for sealing installation steps

There is a wide variety of solutions for sealing installation steps. Each of the solutions must be tested for both the type of installation and the type of compartmentalizing element.

Below is a list of the most commonly used products for fire seals in industrial facility steps:

Intumescent collars or clamps

High density rock wool panel along with ablative paint

Intumescent sacs or pads

Intumescent foams

Sealants and intumescent putties

From Berbel Porcel, we advise you to be advised by professionals to choose the best option in sealing installation steps.

We have our own technical office for free advice to our customers. A correct choice, adjusted to your needs, will provide you with the peace of mind and security necessary in your project.

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