Project: passive fire protection with fireproof mortar in Jaén museum.

Localization: Jaén.

Promoter: Junta de Andalucía.

Contractor: UTE Copcisa – Noriega.

Materials: fireproof mortar based on gypsum (perlite and vermiculite).

What to do

Fireproof mortar in Jaén museum

Passive fire protection works in the Iberian Museum of Jaén, built on the old Provincial Prison.

The aim of this museum is to disseminate Iberian culture, hosting works of art in the different rooms of the building. It will receive thousands of visitors every year.

Therefore, the fireproofing of the metal structure has played a very important role in building safety.

The solution used for the passive protection of the metal structure is fireproof mortar, composed of perlite and vermiculite.

It is worth mentioning the planning of the works, requiring great effort to adapt to the needs of the work, sometimes causing a decrease in productivity.

In this case, we are hired by the construction company that executes the project, formed by UTE Noriega – Copcisa.

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