Project: passive fire protection with fireproof mortar in judicial infrastructure.

Localization: Córdoba.

Promoter: Junta de Andalucía.

Contractor: UTE Complejo Judicial de Córdoba (Isolux Corsan-Corviam and Copcisa).

Materials: fireproof mortar based on gypsum (perlite and vermiculite).

What to do

Fireproof mortar in judicial complex of Córdoba


Passive fire protection works in Ciudad de la Justicia de Córdoba, one of the most striking constructions that have been developed in the province.

We are pleased to show the result of our participation in constructions of such caliber. In this project we collaborate by protecting the metal structure from the extensive lower cantilever in the new building.

The fireproofing procedure is carried out by applying perlite and vermiculite mortar to the structure that forms said element.

We are hired by the joint venture that develops the project, consisting of Isolux Corsán – Corviam and Copcisa Industrial.

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