Project: application of fireproof mortar in rehabilitation of building for accommodation.

Localization: Malaga.

Promoter: Bishopric of Malaga.

Contractor: Works and Restorations Picaso.

Materials: fireproof mortar (perlite and vermiculite).

What to do

Fireproof mortar in rehabilitation of accommodation in Malaga

Works of passive fire protection in the rehabilitation of the Diocesan House in Finca del Seminario de Málaga.

This construction, which has been awarded the Architecture Prize in 2016, will host accommodation within the facilities of the Bishopric.

The construction company in charge of the rehabilitation, Obras y Restauraciones Picaso, entrusts us with the protection of the metal structure of the building.

This protection is carried out by means of the projection of fireproof mortar based on plaster on the different metal profiles.

By sliding the image bar, we can see the state in which the structure was before the projection of perlite and vermiculite mortar on the profiles.

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