Project: passive fire protection using a wide variety of solutions in shopping center.

Localization: Malaga.

Promoter: Merlin Properties.

Contractor: Aldesa Constructions.

Materials: projected fireproof mortar, intumescent paint and products for sealing installation steps.

What we do

Fireproofing (phase 1) in Malaga shopping centre

First phase of the passive fire protection works in Larios Centro shopping and leisure center in Malaga.

This shopping center of reference in Malaga capital has 45,076 meters built, hosting more than 100 premises of leading commercial firms.

More than 11 million people will pass through its facilities each year, so it has the most demanding fire protection measures, providing maximum security.

In this project we take care of undertaking passive fire protection, where we offer different solutions for the execution of fireproofing items.

For the first phase we apply intumescent paint in different thicknesses, until achieving fire stability R90 on the metal structure.

Fireproof plaster-based mortar is also projected onto the sheet metal slab.

It should be said that we adapt at all times to the activity of the shopping center, working at night in those sectors where it is necessary.

For this project, it is Aldesa Construcciones who counts on us for the proper execution of the passive protection items of a building of such characteristics.

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