Project: firewall strip in machinery repair shop.

Localization: El Ejido (Almería).

Promoter: Gabaso Machinery.

Materials: fire strip (rock wool mortar and nervometal mesh).

What to do

Firewall strip in workshop ship of Almería

Passive fire protection works in repair shop and manufacture of industrial machinery in Almeria.

The workshop is located in an industrial warehouse built with a metal structure, which requires passive protection in its medianería.

Our work here consists of installing a firewall strip in meeting of deck and medianería, in addition to protecting the rest of the medianería of separation between ships.

The material used in both cases is rock wool mortar, projected on nervometal mesh and dividing sheet.

As shown in the images, the ship is fully operational, so we must cover the industrial machinery with plastic to carry out the work.

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