Project: passive fire protection with perlite and vermiculite mortar in university building.

Localization: Linares (Jaén).

Promoter: University of Jaén.

Contractor: Constructora San José.

Materials: perlite and vermiculite mortar based on gypsum (fireproof mortar).

What we do

Perlite mortar in university building in Jaén

Passive fire protection works in the Knowledge Transfer and General Services Building belonging to the University of Jaén.

This building has been built to be the most representative of the Campus, hosting: offices, classrooms, library, assembly halls and restaurant area.

Due to its steel construction, in this work the fireproofing of the metal structure has been carried out by applying perlite mortar based on gypsum.

In addition to fireproofing with fireproof mortar, thermal insulation with sprayed polyurethane foam is also carried out in the different rooms.

The company in charge of the execution of the project is Constructora San José, where it is worth mentioning the coordination at all times with the other work teams.

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