Project: passive fire protection with intumescent paint in school.

Localization: Las Gabias (Granada).

Promoter: Andalusian Public Agency for Education.

Contractor: Pefersan.

Materials: intumescent paint R30.

What we do

R30 intumescent paint in Granada school


Execution of passive fire protection works in the expansion of CEIP in Las Gabias (Granada).

In this expansion project, new classrooms, a library, dining rooms and a gymnasium with complementary areas will be built.

Among all the buildings, the educational complex totals more than 3000 square meters, which will allow the elimination of the previous prefabricated classrooms.

In the building intended for gymnasium, the metal structure of the roof must be protected to achieve a fire stability of 30 minutes.

These fireproofing works are carried out by applying R30 intumescent paint on the entire roof structure.

If we slide the image bar you can see the before and after the application of the fireproof treatment with R30 intumescent paint.

The construction company with which we collaborate in the execution of the passive fire protection works of this project is Pefersan.

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