Project: passive fire protection with R60 intumescent paint in logistics center.

Localization: Martos (Jaén).

Contractor: They know constructions.

Materials: intumescent paint, plastic paint and enamel in different colors.

What we do

R60 intumescent paint in Jaén logistics center

Passive fire protection works in warehouses for the logistics center of Martos (Jaén).

This warehouse built in metal structure and prefabricated concrete plates, will have offices and equipment for logistics warehouse.

In a first phase, we executed the works of the fireproofing of metal structure with intumescent paint R60 and R30, in different thicknesses.

After the completion of the fireproofing, we take care of painting the concrete plates that make up the enclosures and the façade with white plastic paint.

Finally, we also apply enamel paint on the gates, façade pillars and other metal elements.

The colors applied to each element are chosen by the technical management of the project.

This project is developed by Sabán Construcciones, which counts on us to execute the passive fire protection game in its entirety.

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