Project: passive fire protection with R60 intumescent paint in industrial buildings and car parks.

Localization: Mijas (Malaga).

Promoter: C.D. Real Sociedad Hipica de Valladolid.

Contractor: Sasma Constructions.

Materials: R60 intumescent paint.

What we do

R60 intumescent paint in Mijas warehouse and car parks

Execution of passive fire protection works in the construction of warehouses in the town of Mijas (Málaga).

The warehouses located in the polygon of San Rafael, will occupy an area of 3000 square meters, including a large basement area that will be dedicated to parking.

These fireproofing works have been undertaken on the structure of this industrial building, protecting the load-bearing metal elements with R60 intumescent paint.

The photographs show the different phases of application of R60 intumescent paint in matt white.

We highlight the coordination in the execution of the fireproofing works, where we adapt at all times to the deadlines set by the project management.

In this project, the contractor with whom we collaborate to carry out the fireproofing works is the local company Sasma Construcciones.

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