Project: passive fire protection with R90 intumescent paint in hotel complex.

Localization: Malaga.

Promoter: Reserva del Higuerón Resort.

Contractor: Bilba Constructora Andalucía.

Materials: primer and intumescent paint.

What we do

R90 intumescent paint in Malaga hotel

Execution of passive fire protection works at Hotel Reserva del Higuerón Resort in Benalmádena.

The hotel is located in a private resort in the heart of Costal del Sol, accompanied by a multitude of facilities and services.

In this building built on a metal structure we focus the fireproofing work on the protection of its slab.

The solution to be applied in this project is intumescent paint, until R90 fire stability is achieved.

The construction company with which we collaborate in the execution of the passive fire protection works of this project is Bilba Constructora.

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