Inicio 9 Project 9 Fireproof paint R30 in Club Deportivo de Valladolid

· Project: passive fire protection with R30 fireproof paint in sports club.

· Location: Valladolid.

· Promoter: C.D. Real Sociedad Hipica de Valladolid.

· Materials: R30 fireproof paint.

What to do

Fireproof paint R30 in Club Deportivo de Valladolid

Carrying out passive fire protection works in Valladolid sports club.

In this sports complex , new covers are installed on the two tennis courts and the four paddle tennis courts.

The application of passive fire protection is required throughout the structure that makes up the roofs.

For this order we proceed to fireproof the structure of each track, applying intumescent paint.

The fire stability required to comply with the regulations in a construction is such characteristics, it is 30 minutes.

In the photographs we show the result of the application of the intumescent paint R30 in matt white color on the different profiles that make up the structure.

For the project in question, it is the promoter who directly hires our services.

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