Inicio 9 Project 9 R60 fireproof paint in Granada ski resort

· Project: passive fire protection with R60 fireproof paint in ski resort.

· Location: Granada.

· Promoter: Cetursa Sierra Nevada.

· Materials: R60 fireproof paint and compatible enamel.

What to do

R60 fireproof paint in Granada ski resort

Carrying out passive fire protection works for maintenance of Sierra Nevada ski resort in Granada.

These works are carried out within the actions developed by Cetursa for the set-up of the facilities before the opening of the season.

A part of this investment has been dedicated to important improvements in the gondola lifts and entrance areas to ski lifts.

Within these improvements, our work has been to fireproof and protect the metal structure of the access enclosures to the gondola lifts.

For fireproofing, intumescent paint has been applied to achieve fire stability of R60 in matt white.

After the fireproof treatment, enamel compatible with intumescent paint and resistant to the unique weather conditions of the ski resort has also been applied.

We show some images made by our team during the application of the different treatments.

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